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Monthly Archive for May, 2010

Chris’ famous cheesecake

It’s a privilege for food lovers like me to be accompanied by a boyfriend who enjoys cooking as well… and the best thing about it is that he complements the meals I prepare with scrumptious desserts. Last weekend he gave a try to this wonderful strawberry cheesecake, which turned to be so delicious that he […]


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To bake or not to bake!

I always kept back from experimenting with pastry and doughs however when I tried the pizza dough I received quite positive feedback so I decided to give baking a chance! On Saturday we were invited over to a friends’ house for platters and wine, hence I rolled up my sleeves and prepared some focaccias to […]

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On Mother’s day we never plan to eat out, I always feel that genuine food in restaurants cannot be really enjoyed on similar occasions! Therefore, like I do on many other special occasions I prepare a menu and spend some hours in the kitchen cooking. For this time I could not really plan what to […]

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Invited! At Last!

The title says it all… after nearly 2 years the much awaited invitation arrived… my work mate finally decided to invite the girls over and treat us to some good food… and what good food, I must say! I was really impressed with the food we were served with, she prepared a very enticing variety […]

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Aubergine & Tomato Towers

Trying to cut down on calories is not the easiest of tasks for anyone, let alone for a food enthusiast who spends most of the day thinking about recipes to try, food to buy and preparing meals to eat! Ah yes, Summer is approaching and like many I want to lose some weight so now […]

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