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Monthly Archive for September, 2010

Tal-Lampuki hawn!

For those who do not understand Maltese, the title means the fish vendor selling ‘lampuki’ is here. ‘Lampuki’ is known as dorado or mahi-mahi and is very popular in the Maltese Islands, especially at this time of year. There are many creative ways to cook this particularly simple and tasty fish. Here’s one of my favourites: Lampuki […]


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Just to tantalise your tastebuds…

… this was our menu of yesterday’s BBQ dinner. More photos later on. Tapas Antipasto Chorizo and tomato salad: Chorzio sausage cooked with garlic and sherry vinegar served with a mixed tomato salad Sticky artichokes: Artichoke hearts and pine nuts tossed with lemon rind, honey and fresh thyme Primo Souvlaki: Greek-style marinated lamb kebabs (chunks of leg […]

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Fresh Basil

You require: soil and some good quality basil plants or seeds and here is the result of home grown basil, This fresh Summer herb can provide endless taste opportunites to various dishes. Try the traditional basil pesto made with your own freshly grown basil leaves! Basil is also a favourite addition to tomato based dishes. Throw in some of […]

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Al sale!

The man in the house wanted some action and thus after preparing our lunch, namely the pesce al sale, he took the stand to break the salt crust. You can try this recipe with any type of fish you like, use fish with scales on or you can use fish which have a thicker layer […]

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Squaquerello, Squacquerone?! What on earth is that?! Sometimes, I found this ingredient in Italian recipes and I always wondered what does this funny word stand for. Well, this creamy cheese of the Emilia-Romagna region, believe it or not, it is also available on our supermarket shelves. Not for long, I assume, since many people would […]

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Full days treat!

After enjoying the privilege of working 4 weeks on reduced hours it was quite a shock to start spending 8 hours again sitting at our desks, at least it always is for me! Hence, someone had to spice up our morale! My fellow colleague and avid fan of Eatmania decided to treat us with a […]

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