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Monthly Archive for June, 2011

Asparagus are easily found in spring time and can be enjoyed in many ways. This nutritious green bud is an ideal ingredient to create a simple and delicate risotto. Ingredients for 4 persons: For the stock: 2 litres cold water 1 onion celery 2 carrots salt For the risotto: 320g Vialone Nano rice 700ml asparagus stock […]


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The balcony of Umbria

This article was first published on CIBUS / May 2011. The buses from Foligno to Montefalco are sporadic. Buses run to and fro every two hours yet this inconvenience did not discourage us from visiting Montefalco. Montefalco, was part of my father’s planned itinerary, whilst we were on a 3 day tour of the Italian […]

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Broad bean dip

Since we just went through the season of broad beans our freezers are stored with the surplus. This green bean appears in many Maltese dishes and is a popular ingredient in Maltese households. The common recipes include ful bit-tewm which is a stew of broad beans with garlic and vegetables with many variations; kosksu soup made from […]

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