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It’s that time of year again when you start taking out your cookbooks, look up recipes on the internet and prepare menus for Christmas events. I love this task! Yet sometimes the clock’s evil hand goes fast and leaves us short of time so it is always wise to have a couple of easy recipes, without compromising quality.

Dorette di riso con crema di pomodori verdi

Photo by Clint Scerri Harkins (http://www.scerriharkins.com/)

As my brother introduced me to the products of Riseria Ferron I immediately recognized a new level of quality – that resulting from the use of rice flour. Having said that, it is not only the rice flour per se but also the way it is milled that contributes to its classification as a high quality product. The old mill and machinery which is used at Riseria Ferron to mill rice and rice flour guarantees a natural and delicate process to pound rice.

Following various experiments this rice flour was transformed by Gabriele Ferron into these delicate and crunchy, bite-size bruschette called Dorette di riso. The rice flour, combined with wheat flour, makes them lighter and easily digestible and they can be used in the kitchen in a multitude of ways. Whether you are looking for an amuse-bouche, hors d’oevures, finger food or accompaniments to platters the dorette di riso are my recommendation, especially if you’re tight with time.

Riseria Ferron - Dorette di Riso

Photo by Clint Scerri Harkins (http://www.scerriharkins.com/)

How do you serve them? Well, I wouldn’t want to limit your culinary fantasies by suggesting one recipe but here are some ideas:

  • simply dressed with a fruity, intense extra virgin olive oil
  • spread with an artichoke pate
  • topped with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and basil
  • as an accompaniment to black olive dip
  • covered with white fig jam and scattered with parmesan shavings

These golden bruschette will unmistakably impress your guests!

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