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Monthly Archive for January, 2012

‘Is this without meat?’ – that was my brother’s archaic question whenever Mum cooked something vegeterian. I am not sure if he still insists on having some kind of meat in many of the dishes he eats but he used to INSIST, a lot! Well, this recipe has no meat and since we need to […]


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My husband’s second job preference is that of a butcher. I am saying this because one day he told me so and not because I would like him to become one, or because I imagine him carrying beef carcasses and whole pigs! But, I must admit, that he can handle and cut meat very well. […]

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Goodbye, without a handshake

My first words for the New Year could not be about food. For these last 9 days I only thought about my parted old-time friend Duncan. Food did not inspire me, my fervour to cook dwindled and every time I sat down to write about food words failed me. Oh Duncan, why were you taken […]

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