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Monthly Archive for March, 2012

Now that the sun is poking us with its warm rays I suggest you try this refreshing and creamy recipe. The cassata gelato is a refurbished version of  the typical cassata Siciliana.  The sponge and marzipan are missing however the lack of these two ingredients transform this dessert into a lighter cassata tasting ice-cream. Serves […]


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Gnocchi di patate

I did it! Finally I managed to prepare edible, light, (although I am sure they could be lighter) potato gnocchi. The various times I attempted to prepare potato gnocchi I always ended up throwing away the whole lot. They came either too gummy or too heavy and so I chose to eat them only in […]

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This metaphorical dessert can be prepared in so many varied ways that I wouldn’t mind having a differently flavored tiramisu on a daily basis. In that case, I bet my body would mind! I think I would also see some changes in my cholesterol and sugar levels, not to mention the weight on the scales. […]

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