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Extract and recipe from my write-up which featured in Cibus magazine, the Christmas 2013 edition.

Tea-time was again an overflow of food – turkey sandwiches, pastizzi, meringues, hazelnut balls, date-tarts, dates stuffed with marzipan, Christmas fruit cake and Irish coffee. The flavors, smells and textures of every item summons the warm spirit of Christmas and a waft of nostalgia. What pleasant memories are evoked with food!


Date balls

And here’s another Christmastime recipe taken from Mum’s collection.

Date and coconut balls


  • 250g dates
  • 250ml water
  • Orange, grated rind
  • Tangerine, grated rind
  • 100g Biskutelli (rusks), crushed
  • 1 tblsp anisette liqueur
  • 150g Desiccated coconut

Finely chop the dates and place in a saucepan, cover with water and cook on a low flame until the dates dissolve into a creamy consistency.  Add anisette liqueur, finely grated rind of an orange and tangerine and mix well. Add the finely crushed biskutelli (rusks) and stir until the mixture is blended.

Spread desiccated coconut into a plate. Form balls with the date mixture and roll into the coconut. Leave to set in refrigerator.


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