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Gabriele FerronEatmania, in association with Riseria Ferron and Planetmona, is delighted to present a stirring experience:Degustation: Riso and Risotto by Gabriele Ferron

Directly from Verona, Chef Gabriele Ferron, known as the world Ambassador for rice, will be using his particular techniques to cook a fragrant selection of dishes. Prepared with Ferron’s own high-quality rice products and combined with the freshest of ingredients this degustation will be a rich and flavoursome experience.

The degustation will be held over 2 evenings at 2 different venues:

Wednesday 13th April 2011

Time: Seating by 8.30 pm
Venue: Tartarun, Xatt is-Sajjieda, Marsaxlokk
Price: €35 per person; optional wine pairing of Veneto wines at €15 per person
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Thursday 14th April 2011

Time: Seating by 8.30 pm
Venue: Spezzo, 113, Archbishop Street, Valletta
Price: €35 per person; a selection of recommended wines from Casa Vini will be available
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Booking details

To reserve your seat:

*Please make sure you book the correct restaurant on the selected date.

About Riseria Ferron

Ferron rice is a high quality cereal which creates supreme rice products and nutritional tasty dishes. The wide range of products manufactured by Ferron include 2 different types of rice: Carnaroli rice & Vialone Nano rice

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DA3T9aseD4w&w=500&h=311]

Carnaroli rice originated from the cross-breeding of the rice varieties Vialone and Lencino and is now regarded as the best rice in Italy. The Carnaroli is a superfine rice which grains are larger than other varieties. The long, compact grains keep firm and distinct during the indicated cooking time. It can create robust and delicate rice dishes including salads, risotto, and timbales.

The Vialone nano type of rice undergoes minimal processing so that the natural starches are retained and thus producing a rich, flavoursome and creamy risotto. This rice is a healthier alternative to other commercial products since it retains more vitamins and minerals.

Other products from Ferron include rice grissini, rice biscuits, pasta made from rice flour, rice polenta and more. Gluten-free and celiac options are also available.

About Gabriele Ferron

Chef Gabriele Ferron is renowned for his obsession with risotto, in fact he is also known as the ‘King of rice’. Apart from being a rice-master chef, Ferron mills his own rice at the Antica Pila Vecia farm, just outside Verona. At the Riseria Ferron the chef organises several events including degustation opportunities. Furthermore, he is also in the kitchen of Ristorante alla Torre, in the small town of Isola della Scala, in Verona. Amongst his various strategies for cooking risotto, the one he is most passionate about, is not to stir the rice whilst cooking it.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-F_az-k0l-E&w=500&h=405]

For more information you can visit www.risoferron.com

About Eatmania

Eatmania is a family-owned group created by our overflowing passion and enthusiasm to discover and taste high quality food which can be enjoyed by combining seasonal, simple and genuine ingredients. We are on a continuous learning and experimental culinary voyage with a particular focus on Italian markets.

The creation of our website has enticed the curiosity and interest of many food lovers. We started importing particular products directly from Italy, including the range of rice products from Ferron, and selling them directly from our website.

New ideas are always forthcoming however Eatmania’s primary objective is to reach food enthusiasts and provide them with genuine products, exciting recipes, appetising food and information which can be enjoyed and appreciated by all food lovers.

For more information you can visit www.eatmania.com and like us on facebook.com/eatmania

Partners and Sponsors

We would like to thank the following partners for helping us to create this event:

Naturalment MALTI
Majjal ta' Malta
Tartarun, Marsaxlokk
Spezzo, Valletta
Casa Vini
M. DEMAJO Wines & Spirits Ltd.
Santana Hotel, Qawra


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