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Eatmania and ITS present Riso & Risotti for professionals

If you are a chef, restaurant owner or food related professional, this event will surely be of interest to you.

Eatmania, in collaboration with the Institute of Tourism Studies, present:

RISO e RISOTTI for Professionals
Wednesday 11th April / 10AM – 12PM
ITS, St. George’s Bay, St. Julians 
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Chef Gabriele Ferron, who produces and mills his own rice at the Pila Vecia, situated in Isola della Scala, Verona, will be presenting an informative and demonstrative session about rice and rice products. He will exhibit his own preferred method of cooking risotto and compare it to the traditional cooking techniques. During this presentation, Chef Ferron will share his remarkable experiences and knowledge about the world’s most important cereal – rice.


10.00 / Introduction: rice & rice varieties
Rice & ingredients, Toasting the rice, The stock

11.00  / Cooking rice – demonstration
Traditional method and Gabriele Ferron’s method

11.45 / Questions & Answers

12.00 / End


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Gabriele Ferron

Gabriele Ferron’s mission is to promote the Riso Vialone Nano Veronese, not only in the Italian peninsula, but across the globe. In fact, he became known as the World Ambassador of Rice after having organised various culinary activities to disseminate information about the Riso Vialone Nano Veronese in different continents. Famous for his particular method of cooking risotto without stirring all the time, Gabriele Ferron, believes that the perfect way to cook risotto depends on 3 factors: the ingredients used, the toasting of the rice and the cooking method.

Gabriele Ferron runs his family-owned organisation at La Pila Vecia in Isola della Scala in Verona. Apart from the milling and production of rice and rice products, Ferron organises the annual ‘Fiera del Riso’ and runs the Ristorante alla Torre.

Riseria Ferron in Verona, Italy produces high quality rice products including the IGP Vialone nano rice, a rice for risotto.


The range of products available at Riseria Ferron includes the following rice varieties:

Vialone Nano
  • A variety established in the 1930s in the rice fields of Verona and Mantova, derived from the Vialone. The grains are medium sized, short and rounded. It absorbs condiments well and remains compact and silky during cooking. It is ideal for recipes which require an eye-catching presentation including salads, sides for fish dishes and risotto. The Vialone Nano Veronese has an IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) status.
  • Considered one of the best Italian rice varieties. The grains are larger, consistent and pointed.  They remain distinct throughout the cooking process and amalgamate well with the added ingredients. The Carnaroli is ideal to prepare delicate risottos, salads and timbales.
  • The violet-black rice originates in China however it is also cultivated in the Padan Plain, in Italy. It has a particular taste and an intense nutty flavour. It is best used together with oven-baked fish and delicate meat dishes.
Red (Ermes)
  • With its striking red colour, and long and narrow grain, this oriental rice variety is ideal as a side to fish and meat dishes.
Integrale (Wholegrain)
  • It is the most nutritional rice variety since it does not go through the refining process therefore it contains more vitamins and minerals than the other varieties. Ideal for boiling and in soups.

Riseria Ferron also produces rice flour and rice flour for polenta; pasta with rice flour; a selection of sweet and savoury biscuits with rice flour, some of which are also gluten free.


2 Responses to “RISO e RISOTTI for Professionals”

  1. sandra fsadni says:

    I am a keen and passionate home cook.

    Pl tell me where in Malta and London can I buy your rice ? I live in Malta , so preferably from here.


    Sandra Fsadni

    • Olivia says:

      Dear Sandra,

      We’re glad you’re passionate about food since we are as well. we are delighted to find people who share our same interests.
      You can purchase our products from our offices in Lija. Please let us know of a convenient time for you to come over.
      My contact number is 9944 6469.
      We look forward to hear from you.

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