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Eatmania Product List December 2012

Our love of food made us travel to various regions of the Italian peninsula to choose an exclusive selection of artisan products and have them available on our islands.

From Verona we picked the delicate flavors of the vialone nano and carnaroli risotto rice of Gabriele Ferron, together with other rice products such as rice pasta, rice flour and gluten-free items.

From Tuscany we selected the pasta made with traditional recipes, extruded on bronze dies to create a rugged surface which helps absorption of the sauce and guarantees an al dente texture. To accompany the pasta we’ve got an array of typical Tuscan sauces including wild boar, hare, deer, porcini and truffle. For Christmastime we also got their panettone and pandoro!

In Umbria we met by chance Romanelli, a family run organization, where we tasted their silky olive oil varieties and their wines from Montefalco and decided on having them on board.

Moving South we shopped for fish products in the small village of Cetara and imported a range of products made with their popular anchovies. So our jars include marinated anchovies, colatura di alici, pesto cetarese – a pesto typical of the area – squid ink sauce, capers in sea salt and others.

Finally from the undiscovered Cilento region in Campania the elegant, preservative-free products of Maida – a medley of pates made from sun-kissed artichoke hearts, olives, aubergines, sun-dried tomatoes and an assortment of vegetables preserved in herbs and olive oil to brighten up your platters and salads.

This year for Christmas take your family and friends through a journey of Italian flavours. We are sure that they will be mesmerized by the genuineness of these delicacies.

For more information contact us by email on call us on +356 9944 6469


5 Responses to “Products”

  1. Reynold Portelli says:

    Where can I purchase Vialone Nano rice?

    Thank you.


  2. Hi,

    always looking for gluten free products, as I have a cafeteria in Valletta.
    Can you please let me know where your shop is.



    • Olivia says:

      Hi, thanks for your message. This season’s stock for the watermelon rind preserve has finished but would be glad to keep some for you next Summer. Regarding the gluten free products we have quite a selection. We also have the range of products from Riseria Ferron including rice flour, rice flour for polenta, Carnaroli and Vialone Nano rice for risotto. Can you please send me an email on email@eatmania.com so I can provide you with all the necessary details? Would also be glad to set a meeting with you. Look forward to hear from you – thanks, Olivia

  3. and the watermelon rind preserve is still available? one of my favourites…:)

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