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It’s a cereal grown in many countries; staple food for a large part of the world’s population, it’s the culture, history and economy of many nations, it’s free from allergens and suitable for a gluten-free diet – rice is life.

In Europe, Italy is the leading rice producer with rice fields in the Po valley area, where the wet and sensibly warm temperatures make rice grow substantially. Indeed, Italians are well-known for their risotto dishes.

We have collected all our riso e risotti recipes on Pinterest. These include  a variety of risotti, gluten-free crepes, ross il-forn, and the pasticcio di riso, a sort of lasagne using crepes instead of pasta sheets.

Moreover, in the links below you can discover more about the types of rice we use most, the Vialone Nano and Carnaroli varieties. The links will guide you through a gastronomic rice journey starting from the Eastern part of the Risotto Rice Belt in Italy. You will also understand how this journey was reconstructed in Malta through the Riso e Risotti degustation event held last year.



Riso & Risotti Recipes on Pinterest

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How do you prepare your risotto? We would like to receive your preferred recipes, ideas and methods of cooking rice and risotto.

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