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The first time I saw freselle was when we used to run Bocconci restaurant in Valletta. We used to serve them as bruschettas with cherry tomatoes and basil. Today these biscuits, which originate in Southern Italy, are available in local supermarkets. So here’s a suggested recipe and if you happen to come across a packet […]


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Globe artichokes

At the moment artichokes are in full season and relatively cheap. We bought 4 lovely artichokes for just €1! Artichokes come in a variety. The most commonly found are the classic green globe artichokes which are quite meaty and the oblong Italian bred artichokes which are purplish and have a tender heart. For this recipe […]

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Sweet Figs!

It’s fig time again! We’re lucky of having a ‘fresh from the tree’ fig supplier who comes knocking at our door as soon as the season starts. There’s nothing sweeter and juicer than Maltese grown figs. Having the supply in hand, I decided on a light refreshing antipasto for today’s lunch. Follow the following instructions […]

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Low calorie pasta

An Italian classic, very light, low in calories and deliciously tempting… pasta with rocket and cherry tomatoes. Ingredients for 4 persons: 400gr brown pasta 10 cherry tomatoes bunch of rocket leaves good quality olive oil ricotta salata (can be substituted with parmesan) salt & pepper Bring the water to boil and add some salt, throw […]

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Fish parmigiana

As we were walking to the car we realized that the other fish shop had just put on display 2 trays of fresh anchovies – cleaned and filleted – a rare sight in Malta! So we immediately made our way to buy them and with only € 6 we had just less than a kilo […]

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Vegetable Terrine

Serves 8 (as a starter) 3 leeks 150g mange tout 150g green beans 2 yellow peppers 2 red peppers 4 artichoke hearts divided into quarters 3 eggs 2 buffalo mozzarella rosemary, thyme, oregano Cut the top green part of the leeks and throw it away. Also remove and throw the first 2 leaves from the […]

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