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Here’s another recipe with Maltese ‘lampuki’ or mahi-mahi! The price of lampuki is at the moment quite cheap so why don’t you make the most of it and enjoy this fresh and healthy local ingredient! Lampuki fillets with fresh tomato and caper sauce Ingredients for 4 persons 2 large lampuki fish, cleaned & filetted 3 garlic […]


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Il Primo

Following our attendance to the festival of the primi piatti in Foligno last weekend, my Dad stocked our cupboards with different pasta shapes, and wines, cheeses and salumi! We have a good stock which might last till Christmas! Might, I said eh! One of the special pasta we got is this tart-like shaped pasta which today Chris prepared […]

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Aubergine & Tomato Towers

Trying to cut down on calories is not the easiest of tasks for anyone, let alone for a food enthusiast who spends most of the day thinking about recipes to try, food to buy and preparing meals to eat! Ah yes, Summer is approaching and like many I want to lose some weight so now […]

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Was looking in the vegetable compartment and found 2 large aubergines waiting to be grilled and eaten… so I made out the following light and easy recipe! Serves 4 2 large aubergines 1 scamorza affumicata (you can used mozzarella instead) 80gr anchovy fillets 1kg fresh tomatoes basil garlic peperoncino salt & pepper parmesan grated breadcrumbs […]

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Butta la Pasta

Pasta… I can never get enough of eating pasta! So many shapes, flavors, and varieties; fresh or dry; long or short;  with eggs or without; filled pasta or plain pasta… the list is endless. Pasta is loved all over the world from people of all ages yet no one prepares it better than Italians – […]

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