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Back to the home roots

Article first appeared in Cibus April edition I embark to rediscover the beauty of home-grown food Earlier in my life, picking broad beans and digging potatoes was a family affair in our household. I have fond memories of days spent with my brother and grandparents at the fields. Seasons dictated our duties. In summer, we […]


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Down memory lane

This last month has been truly a nostalgic trip down memory lane. It started with the numerous photos of the past which my uncle courteously sent electronically. That time when riding a bicycle was a super exciting thing to do, when Christmas presents were anxiously awaited, when my father’s hair was nearly all there, when […]

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Fresh Basil

You require: soil and some good quality basil plants or seeds and here is the result of home grown basil, This fresh Summer herb can provide endless taste opportunites to various dishes. Try the traditional basil pesto made with your own freshly grown basil leaves! Basil is also a favourite addition to tomato based dishes. Throw in some of […]

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