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We discovered and familiarized ourselves with typical Campania products after managing for 1 1/2 years  Bocconci – an Italian franchise restaurant. Our menu consisted of a wide range and use of typical products from the Southern Italian region – the Campania. These included Mozzarella di Bufala DOP, salumi & bresaola di bufala, cheeses like ricotta di bufala, […]


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Marinated lamb kebabs

You need to try this traditional Greek tangy recipe. Souvlaki, also known as Greek fast food is a dish made of grilled chunks of meat or vegetables on a skewer. The most popular meat used for this recipe is lamb. Whilst basting in the February sun today we char-grilled Souvlaki lamb kebabs.

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Millions of peaches peaches for me

Grilled peaches with almonds & ricotta Need a fruity refreshing dessert for a BBQ? This is the right one. You need: 4 robust peaches 250g ricotta 1 lemon 100g slivered almonds 6 tblsp honey 2 tblsp sugar Place the slivered almonds in a large non-stick pan and toast them without using any oil. Turn them […]

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Chris’ famous cheesecake

It’s a privilege for food lovers like me to be accompanied by a boyfriend who enjoys cooking as well… and the best thing about it is that he complements the meals I prepare with scrumptious desserts. Last weekend he gave a try to this wonderful strawberry cheesecake, which turned to be so delicious that he […]

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Rolled Pork Loin

Sunday Lunch recipe! Use leftovers for scrumptious sandwiches! Ingredients for 4: 1 kg pork loin (ask the butcher to open the loin for you so that you can put some filling and roll it ) 2 large leeks 1 lemon 200ml water 1 tsp sugar rosemary sprigs white wine salt & pepper Grate the lemon […]

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