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Our increasing passion towards rice varieties and risotto is filling us with energies and initiatives. As part of the Riso e Risotti campaign we are inviting local chefs to submit to us their innovative recipes using the Carnaroli and Vialone nano rice varieties. We are curious to discover their creation of scrumptious risotto recipes, their […]


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Fast food made at home!

I usually am put off by fast food, whether it is from good restaurants or even worse from food stalls! It may go back to my childhood days when eating burgers or hot dogs away from home was banned! We would never have dared to ask our parents for a burger during some street festival or village feast […]

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Here’s another recipe with Maltese ‘lampuki’ or mahi-mahi! The price of lampuki is at the moment quite cheap so why don’t you make the most of it and enjoy this fresh and healthy local ingredient! Lampuki fillets with fresh tomato and caper sauce Ingredients for 4 persons 2 large lampuki fish, cleaned & filetted 3 garlic […]

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How can I cook aubergines?

It’s Summer time, or rather end of Summer time! However, aubergines are easily available on the market. Many think that to cook aubergines is complicated since you need to put them under salt for a couple of hours before you cook them. I rarely do so and still get finger licking results! I found this […]

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Octopus salad

Cooking octopus during Lent is popular with us Maltese. This recipe is more adventurous than the usual octopus in garlic or octopus stew. Octopus with parsley pesto Serves 4 1.5kg octopus 1 whole garlic bulb rind of 1 lemon chili pepper 3 parsley stalks 4 tblsp olive oil 4 large potatoes for the parsley pesto […]

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