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This recipe was first published in the June edition of Cibus magazine. Combining melon with prosciutto crudo is an all-time favorite so I thought to arrange a farro salad, now that farro is also available to prepare in 10 minutes.   Farro salad with melon and prosciutto crudo Ingredients for 4 persons: 300gr farro (or […]


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Green legumes

Broad beans are healthy, low in calories, and in abundance at the moment. At our home, we invest in seasonal ingredients. Therefore, at this time of year, we usually end up with a broad bean overdose – an overdose of protein and carbohydrates, vitamins A, B1 and B2. Broad beans can be cooked in a […]

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A warm hearty dish

If anyone of you have 2 hours to spare you cannot miss doing these fresh home made tortellini… then just serve them in broth and rest assured that this dish will warm your heart in cold days like today! Home-made tortellini in broth Tortellini So what you need for around 100 tortellini is: 400gr flour […]

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