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To beef or not to beef

I travel through the never ending winding roads of the Chianti region to expand my knowledge on one of Tuscany’s most sought after signature dishes. If you happen to be in the region of Tuscany, it would really be a crime not to eat and gnaw at the bone of her majesty, the Bistecca Fiorentina. […]


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Initially it felt like being a participant of some Big Brother show. We had to share a bedroom with other group members, help to prepare dinner, and work in teams on assignments. On my first night I felt slightly homesick. Twelve female participants from all over the world congregated together in one dreamlike place – […]

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A wedding under the Tuscan sun

This article was first published on CIBUS / October 2011. When my sister-in-law started discussing her wedding plans with me I egoistically exclaimed – why don’t you get married in an Italian countryside venue? As the words marched out of my mouth I was already hallucinating about the scrumptious Italian-style food and the glorious wine. […]

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Eatmania is blooming

Eatmania is blooming. Food ideas and inspirations keep steaming our minds and the result is here – we are launching our new products for you to indulge in since we are importing exclusive Italian food to bring genuine and natural tastes to your tables. Masseria Maida introduces preservative-free products, made from high quality ingredients by […]

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